Springs & Torsion Repair & Replacement

DON’T WORRY. Garage Door Springs are replaceable. Whether its High Wear or broken we can replace it. NOT Broken but the door is heavy ? No Worries Could be worn out or need adjustment & maintenance.

Springs are the most common Garage Door issue.

Why Do Springs Break?

Garage Door Springs are under pressure with a life cycle of 10000 cycle times of use. Depending on how many times you open and close the door it causes wear to the spring. Our springs are Made in the USA with 50,000 Cycles and are high quality.

Springs Come in different Sizes capable with your Garage Door!
Our Professionals will measure your Door size & radius to decide the Garage Door weight and length of spring to obtain a precise spring size for your Garage Door. This will avoid a wrong spring installation, which will result in a Hazardous Door operation and excessive wear to the new spring.

Type of Garage Door springs:

You are most likely to have one of these three common types of springs on your Garage Door. Bellow are springs listed from most efficient to least efficiency:

Shaft Springs – on top of Garage Door
Torsion Springs – on sides of Door
Torque Springs – on top of a door inside Torque Tube

Our USA Made High-Quality Springs
Our USA made springs have more material giving them a higher life cycle. Spring cycles determine the quality of a spring. Averagely Installed springs give up to 10,000 cycles. Our Garage Door Springs will give you 50,000 cycles of use. Call us for Professional & Reliable further info.

Should I change both Springs or just one?

A broken Spring is an indication of excessive wear beyond the recommended Spring life cycle. If one spring is replaced the second spring will become hazardous because of the double pressure added to it from the new spring. This makes it more likely to break quickly. It is highly recommended to replace both springs as it’s the safest and most efficient solution.

Should I also replace Rollers/Bearings when replacing my Springs ?

Rollers & bearings are a main factor for Garage Doors. They keep your Garage Door running evenly while operating. Most Rollers/bearings have the same lifecycle as Springs of up to 10,000 cycles. By the time your springs are bad your Rollers/Bearings have had a beating from wear and tear. So it’s highly recommended to replace them; If not replaced you will be left with an unbalanced Garage Door. An unbalanced door will cause excessive pressure force back on the new Springs and Opener resulting in a shorter lifespan. Another cause will be a shifted hazardous Garage Door. For more details visit Roller & Bearings.

Why You Should Never DIY your Garage Door Springs

It’s a dangerous job due to the considerable pressure Springs holds. Even by a trained Professional a spring job is hazardous and requires the right steps and tools for spring removal and installation. When done wrong, springs are known for finger accidents and eye damage caused by flying coils. Property and car accidents are another cause of unprofessional spring installations.

It’s a difficult job of replacing springs. There are correct steps that a Professional takes while replacing springs. New springs must be precisely calibrated by a professional to avoid an unbalanced hazardous door resulting in shifting the door or further issues. New springs should also be the correct size to avoid a hazardous door operation. options to enhance both modern and classic architecture.

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