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Quick Garage Door Service is here to fix any issue you might have with your garage door! With the best prices in the county, extended warranties, we’ll have a highly trained technician fixing your door in no time.

About us:

We started off as a family of garage door specialists in 2005. Ever since then, we have taken garage door repair in Debary to a new level. We offer the best customer service, we have an extended warranty to all our services, we offer a fast and a convenient repair service, we are available 24/7 for any repair emergency and we have the BEST repair costs! 


What do we do?

We do all kinds of garage door repairs. This includes, but is not limited to

Repairing and replacing springs

Our team of professional garage door specialists is able to successfully repair or even replace your garage door’s spring in no time. They are able to determine the perfectly suitable spring for your garage door. They, first, measure your garage door’s size and radius to be able to determine the perfect size of the new spring. 

  • Garage Door Spring replacement


  • Garage Door Spring Repair


Repairing shifted doors:

Do you know that we can also repair shifted doors? We offer the best repair service to shifted garage doors in Debary.

  • shifted garage door


  • shifted garage door repair


  • shifted garage door repair


  • shifted garage door repair


Replacing rollers and bearings:

It is better to get rid of your damaged rollers and bearings before they could do any further damage in your garage door. At Quick Garage Door Repair and Service, we offer the highest quality of rollers and bearings for garage doors in Debary! Our Nylon rollers and steel ball bearings have a very long life cycle, with a usage capacity of up to 40,000-50,000 times!

  • garage door rollers and bearings broken repair


  • garage door rollers repair and replacement


Repairing and replacing garage door openers:

Before making a step in fixing your garage door opener, we help you determine if your garage door opener needs a whole replacement or just a repair. This way, we can help you save a lot of money in case you were about to replace your whole garage door opener when it just needed a repair.

  • chamberlain garage door opener installation and replacement

    Chamberlain Openers

  • genie garage door opener repair and replacement

    Genie Openers

Installing garage doors:

We offer the best garage door service in Debary, and this includes the installation of garage doors. More importantly, we help you choose the right garage door for your home.

  • New garage door installation


  • Contemporary garage door collection installation


  • garage door repair & installations



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